Something for ALL tastes - sweet, dry, low alcohol, white, red, sparkling, ports and cocktails.

Never be overwhelmed; instead be amazed at our Cellar Door in Mudgee.

Our huge range of wines can be a bit daunting, but we think you will find everything you desire at our Cellar Door just 2 minutes from Mudgee. We have over eight Small Wine Makers producing award winning wines that in the main can only be found at the Small Wine Makers Centre. 

Wines from the Mudgee Region

Make all your friends envious when they ask "where did you go to get this?" The Cellar Door stocks wines from a radius of 60 kilometres (approx), in the Mudgee Region. From Gulgong to Cooyal, and along Sydney Road going South, you will find wines that have their own special distinctive flavour.

Get your unique wines at our Cellar Door only two minutes from Mudgee.


Tow Furlongs has been renowned for their selection of fortified wines. From our multi award winning VINTAGE PORTS, to our Tawny, White, Rum and Bourbon ports.

BUY 2 and get 1 FREE.

It's always good to have something on hand for unexpected guests, or that special occasion. 

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We can deliver promptly  anywhere in Australia with Australia Post.

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